Dance Education Resources


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Jacob’s Pillow is home to an extensive archive, with over 5,000 videos available for viewing and hundreds of books and other valuable and timeless resources. The Pillow also has many online resources, including Jacob’s Pillow Dance Interactive, a free, online, video resource in which visitors to the site can view dance clips and information from the 1930s to today. Viewers may click on an artist, genre or era to search through clips. They may also play a guessing game or discover clips at random. Dance Interactive is part of Virtual Pillow, a dance education outreach project curated by the Jacob’s Pillow Director of Preservation, Norton Owen. The site is an invaluable resource for students, dance scholars and anyone interested in dance, from those who have just discovered dance to lifelong dancers and fans. Upon its launch in 2011, Jacob’s Pillow Dance Interactive was described in The Washington Post as “the closest thing the dance world has to an online museum.” We urge you to consider including this link to Dance Interactive among your many teaching resources.

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