Dance Department FAQs

ATTENTION STUDENTS: Please refer to this page for the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) we have been collecting from students as you may have similar questions. The most efficient way of asking the dance department your questions is to email both Syde and Elaine on the initial email/question, if you are unsure who to contact. One of us will get back to you. 

For all academic advising questions, please email Elaine directly. 

Q. When can dance students re-enter the building to gather things from our lockers in the locker room(s)?

A. The dance department is awaiting directions from President Barchi and Residence Life on when it is safe for students to come back to campus buildings to gather their belongings. Please check the weekly newsletter for updates and continue to check your Rutgers email for updates from the University.

Q. Spring 2020 Production Study Hours? 

A. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Dance Department will waive the production study hour requirement for all May/August 2020 graduating seniors. All other students who are scheduled to complete production hours in the spring 2020 semester, may make up the hours next academic year. 

Q: How is spring Rotation going to work for the rest of the semester?

A: Rotation will be graded based on the first 6 weeks of rotation for the spring semester. 

Q: Are the 2020 Summer Session Technique and Ballet workshops canceled? 

A: For students planning on registering for this summer’s dance technique and ballet workshops to fulfill dance curriculum graduation requirements, the summer dance technique and ballet workshops will be canceled due to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

The dance department will work with individual students as events unfold to make sure that we come up with a plan that helps you finish your degree requirements. 

Q: When will the Fall 2020 schedule of classes be available? 

A: Monday, 3/30 via

Q: Is the repertory on the fall 2020 schedule grid new pieces by new guest artists? When will the spring 2020 Curran/ Ananya repertory be rehearsing in fall 2020? I also was curious as to if Performance Skill 1 and 2 were in the same boat as repertory?

A: These are all great questions. 

We do plan to have new artists for Fall in addition to the Rep artists that were not produced in Spring 2020. We are still figuring out days/times for repertory courses and have not yet made final decisions about PSkills 1 & 2, but will be in touch when we have more information.