Alumni Return to Mentor EdM Candidates

On Thursday, March 28, eight BFA and EdM alumni returned to campus to mentor the 2013 EdM Candidates. The evening began with the candidates co-presenting an advocacy Prezi defending why dance should be included in the K-12 curriculum.  The alumni, posing as K-12 parents and school administration, responded by launching a series of challenging questions. Following this, alumni shared their job hunting and interview strategies … Continue reading Alumni Return to Mentor EdM Candidates

Adventure in Los Angeles

The Ed.M. community participated in the National Dance Education Organization‘s Many Cultures, Strength Through Diversity conference in Los Angeles this past week, October 24 – 28, 2012.  For some, this meant unexpected flight cancellations and an extended stay in LA due to Hurricane Sandy!       Prof. Barbara Bashaw, NDEO New Standards Task Force In addition to the excitement of meeting Nigel Lythgoe from SYTYCD I … Continue reading Adventure in Los Angeles