It’s August. We can’t wait to see you!

Presentation1 (2).jpgSuper awesome dates to put in your calendar now

Friday, September 6 – Student Works Audition & Casting

All BFA/BA/Minor students are highly encouraged to attend the audition and casting period from 5:30PM-8:30PM. There are several opportunities; MFA CoLab & Thesis works, Choreo 3, Choreo 2, Dance Composition & independent student choreographers. Students will be able to audition and cast separately on September 6.

Tuesday, October 1 – Senior Salon

Take advantage of your last year to prepare for specific career trajectories! Open to BFA & BA Seniors and conducted by Julia M. Ritter. Workshop from 8:30AM-11:30AM.

Share your ideas on what you would like to see discussed at the Senior Salon.

Click here to take our brief survey! The survey will close on September 16.

Saturdays, October 26, November 16, December 7

The 3 Saturdays this Fall you will be able to work with CELEBRATED NEW YORK BASED CHOREOGRAPHER AND COLLABORATOR PAM TANOWITZ & receive elective credit!

Pam will be teaching her course, Creative Research in Dance, for juniors, seniors & graduate students. This course (07:206:495) meets in the Fall & Spring for a total of 2 dance elective credits for the year. Contact Elaine for a Special Permission Number to register. Class is held 1-4pm in Studio 110.

Do not wait until Sept. 9 to finalize your classes. Get started now.

  1. Tuesday, September 10-LAST DAY to DROP courses without a “W” grade
  2. Wednesday, September 11-LAST DAY to ADD courses

View the Fall 2019 Academic Calendar for a full list of University dates/deadlines.

Mason Gross Dance now has a TeamUp Calendar


Performances and events, production dates & times, class locations, dance assemblies, choreo. showings, etc. etc. You are able to access the student calendar from any mobile device by installing the app on your phone and using this link to connect to the Student TeamUp Calendar. Note: This calendar will be your main source of information for the Dance Dept.


Remember this pic? Well, it’s August! Here are a few changes to the student handbook you will see changes to this year:

Casting Policy for Department Productions & for Choreographic Projects Serving as Coursework

Only officially declared dance majors and minors may be cast in dances created for department courses and productions, with the exception of guest artists appearing in faculty choreography. Only with the approval of the department chair may outside dancers be approved to perform in concerts and events produced by the department. If a student is not registered for Ballet or Technique, the student is not permitted to perform in student pieces. If a student has exceeded the allotment of allowed absences in dance courses by mid-term, the student may not continue as a cast member in student works.

  • DancePlus – A student cannot be cast in more than two dances for any given production.
  • University DanceWorks – Company members may only be cast in one work to be performed in the fall faculty, guest artist concert if the additional work is student choreography. Open only to junior and senior BFA majors.
  • BFA Senior Concert & Spring Dance Concert
    • First and Second-Year BFA Students: May perform in a total of six student works over the year if one (or more) work is a graduate work; the limit for participating in undergraduate works is five total for the year; no more than three works for any one concert.
    • Third and Fourth-Year BFA Students: May perform in a total of seven student works over the year if one (or more) work is a graduate work; the limit for participating in undergraduate works is six total for the year; no more than 4 in one concert.
      • Third and Fourth-Year BFAs must abide by the 50 percent casting policy, meaning that no more than 50 percent of your cast may be in your class.
        • For example: In a junior piece of 10 dancers, only 5 of those dancers may be juniors.
  • All BFA students will be allowed to be an understudy for one piece in the BFA Student Concert, and one piece in the BFA Senior Concert. If a student has reached the maximum piece limit, they may not be an understudy for a student piece.
  • Exceptions for guest artists and faculty pieces may be made for injuries or artistic reasons.
  • Cast Size Limit
    • BFA/BA/Minors/MFA student choreographers may cast up to 10 dancers per piece. This includes casts for pieces for Choreography 2, 3, 4, and graduate pieces. If the student’s artistic vision requires a larger cast, the student may present a proposal for department review and approval.

Class Attendance Policy for BFA Students

The department attendance policy has been designed to help students develop strong professional work practices and to prepare them for careers in dance in both studio and theoretical training.

This policy places the responsibility of each student’s training and education on themselves as individuals.

Full active mental and/or physical engagement throughout the entire class period and prompt attendance to every class is the only assurance of optimal growth in all curricular areas.

If a student is absent from class, that student is not developing the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the program and in the profession.

Students with unexcused absences exceeding course limits, as specified below, will fail the course.

Attendance Policy – The number of allowed absences a student can accrue each semester and receive a passing grade in classes is as follows:

  • 8 absences in Modern Dance Technique courses (meets 4 days a week)
  • 2 absences for Afro-Fusion (Afro-Fusion meets once per week)
  • 3 absences for Summer Technique Workshop and Advanced Ballet Workshop
  • 2 absences for Technique Rotation (this applies to entire semester of rotation, not each rotation cycle or instructor). If a guest artist masterclass is scheduled on the day of Technique Rotation, a student’s absence will count as a strike and not towards the allowed Technique Rotation absences.
  • 2 absences for Pointe and Men’s Ballet Class (meets once a week)
  • 4 absences for studio/theory classes that meet twice a week
  • 2 absences for studio/theory classes that meet once a week

* For Ballet Courses: Students will lose 1 point for each absence. However, students can accrue 8 absences and earn a grade of a 92 if they achieve full points for all work in-class and on all assignments.

Attendance/Absences will be tracked by instructors via Canvas in real-time. It is the student’s responsibility to keep their own records of their attendance and to check Canvas often for any discrepancies. Discrepancies may be brought to the instructor’s attention up to 2 weeks of the marked attendance. For example, if you are marked absent from class, but you were present, you have 2 weeks to from the date that you were marked absent to discuss this discrepancy with your instructor.

PLEASE NOTE, EXCUSED ABSENCES ARE WARRANTED FOR EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCES such as for religious observances and contagious illness (please see below), and/or those approved by the dance department chair.

Students must notify their course instructors in advance (at least 2 weeks prior) of any absences for religious observances.

It is recommended that if a student has a fever, skin disorder such as impetigo, pink eye or any condition deemed by a medical provider as contagious or has chronic illness that prohibits them from dancing they should be excused from dance activity. They can return to dance when cleared by a medical provider.

Additional Attendance Policy for All Movement Courses

  1. Attendance credit will be given only to those students who participate fully physically and with concentrated attention throughout the entire class, unless the ATC or a physician has prescribed students a modified regimen.
  2. It is expected that students will be respectful and courteous to instructors and your peers and maintain focused participation during class.
  3. If a student begins class, but does not complete it, he or she will receive NO CREDIT for that class day, unless a student has had an injury severe enough that they must stop participating.
  4. LATENESS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. If a student enters class after attendance has been recorded, he or she will be counted as absent for that day.
  5. No makeup classes will be allowed for any movement courses.
  6. If a student has exceeded the allotment of allowed absences by mid-term, the student may not continue as a cast member in student works.

Health / Injury Policies 

Performance and Production Contracts

Signed rehearsal contracts are required from all dancers before rehearsals commence for all departmentally sponsored work. This includes DancePlus, guest artist concerts, the BFA senior concert, the Student Dance Concert, and the following courses: Repertory, Performance Skills, Dance Composition, and all BFA Choreography courses. Sample contracts are available for choreographers in the dance office, as well as in the Student Handbook. Students taking Repertory, Performance Skills, Dance Composition, and BFA Choreography courses will receive contracts to use from their teacher. Members of University DanceWorks are expected to sign a contract provided by the faculty company director at the beginning of the year. Your choreographer is your first point of contact if you have an emergency that prevents you from meeting your obligations as a dancer. The choreographer may remove a dancer from a piece and student may be put on artistic probation for not meeting performance obligations

The 2019-2020 BFA Student Handbook will be available in Mid-August! Summer reading for the beach! 

Internships and Opportunities for Fall 2019-Spring 2020

Fall 2019 Internship Opportunity

New Jersey Dance Theatre Ensemble, a pre-professional dance training school and performing company based in Summit, NJ is currently seeking interns for Fall 2019! Do NOT miss out on this valuable opportunity.

Candidates are need to fill positions in the areas of:

  • Film, Photography, & Digital Media
  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Development
  • Web Development

General information can be found at Internships are unpaid but NJDTE will work with Rutgers-New Brunswick to provide academic credit. Should you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact NJDTE at 908-273-5500 or

Rising Juniors! There may be an opportunity to study abroad in Italy in Spring 2020. Stay tuned for more details.

This summer, rising seniors Gillian Popino, Claudia Soga & Rebecca Pavelko (not pictured) attended Accademia dell’Arte intensive in Tuscany, Italy.


Did you make it all the way down to the bottom? Good for you! email, and let us know what fun things are happening on Wednesday, November 6th. Hint: look in our Student TeamUp Calendar. First 5 responses receive a small gift!







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