August Newsletter: First-Year Students


Countdown to MGSA First-Year Orientation on

Friday, August 30:

24 Days Away! 


ConcussionWise Online Training – Complete by September 2 

Each academic year, all Dance BFA majors must complete ConcussionWise training. ConcussionWise is designed to heighten student awareness of concussion symptoms to ensure timely medical care is received should they occur–so it is vitally important to maintain this awareness.

You have been automatically registered for the online course Concussion Awareness (07:206:101). This course will appear on your official transcript. This course is E credited, which means no credit is earned towards degree completion and no grade is computed in students’ grade point average. However, showing successful completion of specialized concussion-awareness training on your transcript will benefit you in applying for dance-related employment.

As per departmental policy, failure to complete mandated departmental trainings such as ConcussionWise can result in artistic probation. A grade of “F” will also appear on your transcript for the Concussion Awareness E-credit course, if training is not completed by the deadline.

The following link is for the ConcussionWise online training program that has been specially designed for Mason Gross Dance BFAs:

If you encounter any technical issues, please email Licensed Athletic Trainer, Hollie Palmisano at 

Presentation1 (2).jpg

Fall Schedules have been emailed! 

Add Friday, September 6 to your Fall Schedule for Student Works Audition & Casting

All BFA/BA/Minor students are highly encouraged to attend the student audition and casting period from 5:30PM-8:30PM. There are several opportunities; MFA CoLab & Thesis works, Choreo 3, Choreo 2, Dance Composition & independent student choreographers. Students will be able to audition and cast separately on September 6.

Keep in mind the following casting/performing policy:

Casting Policy for Department Productions & for Choreographic Projects Serving as Coursework

  1. Only officially declared dance majors and minors may be cast in dances created for department courses and productions, with the exception of guest artists appearing in faculty choreography. Only with the approval of the department chair may outside dancers be approved to perform in concerts and events produced by the department. If a student is not registered for Ballet or Technique, the student is not permitted to perform in student pieces. If a student has exceeded the allotment of allowed absences in dance courses by mid-term, the student may not continue as a cast member in student works.
  • DancePlus – A student cannot be cast in more than two dances for any given production.
  • BFA Senior Concert & Spring Dance Concert
    • First and Second-Year BFA Students: May perform in a total of six student works over the year if one (or more) work is a graduate work; the limit for participating in undergraduate works is five total for the year; no more than three works for any one concert.
  • All BFA students will be allowed to be an understudy for one piece in the BFA Student Concert, and one piece in the BFA Senior Concert. If a student has reached the maximum piece limit, they may not be an understudy for a student piece.
  • Exceptions for guest artists and faculty pieces may be made for injuries or artistic reasons.
  • Cast Size Limit
    • BFA/BA/Minors/MFA student choreographers may cast up to 10 dancers per piece. This includes casts for pieces for Choreography 2, 3, 4, and graduate pieces. If the student’s artistic vision requires a larger cast, the student may present a proposal for department review and approval.

Look out for the 2019-2020 BFA Student Handbook in Mid-August!

View the Fall 2019 Academic Calendar for a full list of University dates/deadlines.

First-Year students will be able to make adjustments to their schedules starting on the first day of class. CHANGES TO CORE DANCE CURRICULUM COURSES are NOT PERMITTED. Please consult Elaine with any questions regarding your schedule.

  1. Tuesday, September 10-LAST DAY to DROP courses without a “W” grade
  2. Wednesday, September 11-LAST DAY to ADD courses

Mason Gross Dance’s TeamUp Calendar


Performances and events, production dates & times, class locations, dance assemblies, choreo showings, etc. etc. You are able to access the student calendar from any mobile device by installing the app on your phone and using this link to connect to the Student TeamUp Calendar. Note: This calendar will be your main source of information for the Dance Dept.

Make Sure You Have Clearance to Dance

All First Year student dancers must be cleared to dance by the Rutgers Student Health sports medicine physician. No exceptions. If you haven’t done so already, submit pre-participation medical forms via FAX.

Forms MUST be FAXED to:
Fax Number: 732-932-8255
Subject: MGSA 2019 Dance Pre-Participation Forms
Attention: Rose Bartley, Asst. Dir Health Information & Patient


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