Weekly Announcements – April 30 to May 6

This Week: International Dance Studies Online Certificate, Events This Week, Ballet Schedule and Professional Opportunities.




Certificate Coordinator: Jeff Friedman, Ph.D

Associate Professor of Dance Studies jfdance@mgsa.rutgers.edu



The International Dance Studies Online Certificate offers elective 100-level dance studies courses to all Rutgers students, but especially serving Dance Department students who wish to explore global dance.

  • Each course is an inquiry into international dance practices in their social, cultural, political, religious and historical contexts.
  • All courses are taught by dance artist/scholars with masters and doctoral degrees in dance studies and dance education.


  • Each course is available as a stand-alone elective course.
  • To earn the certification, students select 4 courses total (12 credits)
  • NOTE: All BFA and BA dance students already receive credit towards the certificate by completing Dance History: World Survey (online OR face-to-face version); both qualify.

To complete the certificate, in addition to Dance History: World Survey, select 3 from below:

  • History of Broadway Dance Online (07:203:132) explores the evolution of musical theater dance on Broadway. Course topics include a historical survey of dance on Broadway; an examination of the reciprocal relationship of Broadway dance to economic and cultural change, especially as related to the African diaspora and the development of jazz dance as an expression of black culture; and a close look at the power structure and organization of Broadway musicals. The evolution of Broadway steps and styles and the contribution of notable dancers will be examined.
  • Dance in Istanbul: Whirling, Belly Dancing and Revolving Around East and West (07:203:133) provides an overview of dance in Istanbul from the 16th century to the present including the implications of modernity, gender, state and religion on dance forms, with a brief summary of debates regarding the dancing body in Turkish Islamic culture. Belly dance will be explored using different points of view within the contexts of Orientalism, feminism and exoticism. Dances in religious rituals and sacred ceremonies of the present day will be examined through text and video.

eflyer Dance in Istanbul Certificate

  • Dance in Israel: Body, Ideology and Culture (07:206:134) looks at dance in Israel in social, political and cultural contexts, including both Jewish and non-Jewish practices, from the beginning of the 20th century, before the establishment of the State of Israel, until today. The course charts the evolution of (mostly) theatrical concert dance and its old and new genres, styles, key figures and critical moments in time. New skills will be gained on how to look at dance and critically “read” and analyze dance as an art form. Course work examines the ways in which dance in Israel embodies different aesthetic and cultural ideologies and how formal movement and choreography, as art practices, represent and manifest issues of identity, nationality, ethnicity, gender and sexuality. Finally, the course explores the effect of local and global powers on the development of Israeli dance as an art form.

eflyer Dance in Israel Certificate

  • Dance Forms in Africa (07:203:135) explores dance forms from the continent of Africa. African dance comprises of a variety of dance forms from different cultures in different blocks on the African continent. Through readings, viewings, and engagement with movement, the course introduces students to the skills of observation, movement learning, and contextual and comparative analysis, as we focus on the social, cultural, religious, and political significance of African dance forms. Types and functions of traditional African dances, contexts of performance, and their unique characteristics will also be explored.

eflyer Dance Forms of Africa Certificate

  • Dance in India (07:203:136) covers a wide range of forms practiced in India in the 20th and 21st century, including folk dances, classical dance styles, contemporary choreography, and film dances, among others. However, the course also looks beyond India, into the diaspora and global contexts in which ‘Indian’ dance forms are practiced. The course will critically look at the historical development – in particular of classical dance forms – and engage with prevalent categorizations such as traditional, modern, contemporary, classical, folk and film dance: how are they distinguished and why, where might they overlap or contradict each other? We will also get to know protagonists of different dance forms, such as, among others, Rukmini Devi and Balasaraswati for classical Bharatanatyam, Uday Shankar and Rabindranath Tagore’s contributions to ‘modern’ dance and Chandralekha and Astad Deboo for contemporary dance. Major methods employed will be analysis of readings and video documentaries/interviews, analysis of dance on film with Clifford Geertz’s “thick description” as a main approach, as well as to a smaller extend practical engagement with movement material and aesthetic principles.

eflyer Dance in India Certificate-2



Monday, May 1

10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Studio 110

Tuesday, May 2

Mason Gross Spring Classic

4 p.m. at Skelly Field, Douglass Campus

Students vs. faculty and staff softball game!



110:  Ballet 6 sections 01 and 02   Alban and Cotter.  Pianist:  Tom Getty

Walters 240:  Ballet 6 section 3.  Peggy Petteway.  Pianist:  David Cheifer

111:  Ballet 5 section 1.  Maeve Dougal.  Pianist:  Ted Elias

112:  Ballet 5 section 2.  Erica Mero.  Pianist:  Sam Rowe



RWS NYC: Seeking Talent

RWS Entertainment Group is looking for Male and Female dancers with strong Ballet technique and proficient in Jazz – to dance on board one of Holland America’s Cruise Ships.  If this is of interest to you, email Trevor Sones, Casting Assistant at castingpa@rwsnyc.com with a HeadshotResume and link to a Dance Reel!

RWS Entertainment Group
34-01 38th Avenue, Suite 302 | Long Island City, NY 11101

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