Weekly Announcements – January 29 to February 4

This Week: Student Feedback Survey, Soma Center Policy, Week 3 Ballet &Technique Schedules, Get to Know the MFA Students, Production Hours, Student Government, Faculty Performances, and MGSA Events.



The department is seeking feedback about guest artist choreographers for next year. Complete the anonymous survey below (neither your email address or identifying information will be collected), and let us know your input!


Your response is DUE by: WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 1st at midnight

Survey Link: Guest Artist Student Suggestions


Final decisions on guest artists will be made by the Curriculum & Artistic Advisory Committee and based on guest artist availability. We appreciate you!



In an effort to reduce class disruptions this semester, instructors will have med kits out and available to you during class. Each studio has been supplied with a med kit and all instructors should have access to where they are locked and stored. Please use the supplies available to you in class, if needed. 
This semester, the Soma Center will be locked when Athletic Trainer, Hollie Palmisano, is not downstairs. 
If you would like to use the Soma Center at any time ,while you are not in class, please feel free to see Anne Marie in Room 032 or  Debbie in Room 033 for assistance. Both of their offices are located near the Women’s Locker Room.  


week3ballet week3modern



Kirsten (Kiri) Avelar is a graduate of the BA dance degree program at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces NM where she received the Outstanding Dancer, Outstanding Performance, Leadership and the Choreographic Excellence Awards.  She is currently the Associate School Director of Ballet Hispanico in New York City. Kiri was the founder, director and resident teaching artist of the Academia de Ballet Emmanuel dance school at the Hogar de Niños Emmanuel orphanage in Ciudad Jaurez in Chihuahua, Mexico. Subsequently, she has been a performer for the Milwaukee Ballet Company, and is a master teacher in Spanish dance, flamenco, and Mexico and Spanish folk dance, as well as ballet, modern and jazz dance. Kiri is interested in deepening her practice in teaching methodologies and investigating the intersections of various dance forms and social justice advocacy.


Jessica Featherson is a graduate of Temple University BFA dance degree program, with a minor in Latin American Studies, in Philadelphia PA. Jessica has studied abroad in Mexico and Brazil, especially focused on the relationship between music and dance in specific cultural regions. She has also traveled to Havana, Cuba, with choreographer Ronald K. Brown, to study folkloric and contemporary dance under the auspices of the Joyce Theater Foundation travel program. She is interested in further study of sacred, social, classical and contemporary dances of Afro-Latino communities in the Caribbean and South America.


Camille Moten is a graduate of Temple University’s BFA degree in dance, in Philadelphia PA, where she was awarded the Rose Vernick Most Promising Performer Award and Scholarship upon graduation.  She is trained in contemporary, ballet and jazz dance as well as Latin styles of dance. Camille is interested in developing a choreographic voice that tells stories about human connections within a sustainable professional career in dance, including further explorations in dance education.



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BFA Senior Concert

Spring Dance Concert



Student government would like to open up the opportunity to receive funding for summer programs or anything that will help you in your artistic career. You can be awarded a maximum of $500 per person. Please send a request detailing your project, your estimated amount, and a brief statement on why this would benefit you to mgstudentgov@gmail.com



Chien-Ying and Paul are performing their own work for Evening of Duets at The Community Education Center 3500 Lancaster Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19104 on Friday, Feb. 10, 7:30 pmSaturday, Feb. 11, 7:30 pm and SundayFeb. 12, 3 pm. Hope to see you there.
An Evening of Duets consists of professional dancers performing original works by various choreographers throughout the region.

Read the press release HERE.  Feel free to share!



MFA Thesis Exhibition Season

You are invited to join us for upcoming MFA Thesis Exhibitions featuring a culmination of work by graduating MFA students.

All exhibitions are free and open to the public.

Please mark your calendars for these two opening receptions, and a bonus closing party!


Fri, Feb 17 from 7-10pm

Fri, March 3 from 5-8pm


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