Weekly Announcements – January 17 to January 23

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This Week: Week 1 Ballet and Technique Schedules, New Student Affairs Assistant, Student Schedules, DEL Movement Sentence Choir, Spring 2016 Dance Department Policy Updates, and a Summer Intensive in NYC.


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LeidyLeidy Garcia-Cosbert is a two time alumna of Rutgers University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and a Master of Education in College Student Affairs. Prior to her role at the Department of Dance at Mason Gross, Ms. Garcia-Cosbert worked in various areas of student affairs including residence life, academic affairs, career services, and retention initiatives. Her passion lies in serving as a resource to students and supporting them through their holistic development. Ms. Garcia-Cosbert is dedicated to using her administrative, coordination, and program planning experience to help students meet their academic and career goals.



All students, please check your schedules online to confirm that you’re registered for the correct classes. Students can check their schedule via:

Or Student Transcripts & Grades: https://sis.rutgers.edu/tags/

If there are any issues with your schedule, please contact Frederick Curry, Undergraduate Director, frederick.curry@rutgers.edu as soon as possible.



On Saturday, January 9th, Mason Gross Dance BFA and EdM students, alumni and faculty participated in the 92nd Street Y Dance Education Laboratory’s 2nd Annual Movement Sentence Choir led by Larry Keigwin and Summation Dance’s Taryn Vander Hoop and Sumi Clements. The Movement Sentence Choir is based on the Movement Choir, a communal dance-making process developed by dance artist and theorist Rudolf Laban.  The day culminated in a live-stream performance.  Mason Gross Dance students, faculty and alumni are pictured with Jody Arnhold (back row, left), founder of the Dance Education Laboratory.

DEL Mvt Sentence Choir


Special Appointments For BFA Dance Students With Dr. Cohen


Dr. Philip Cohen, the Sports Medicine Physician at

Hurtado Health Center has arranged for Mason Gross Dance Students

to book special appointments at the Hurtado Health Center. 

Here is how it works:

Dr. Cohen is reserving the following times for Mason Gross dancers:

Mondays between 3 – 4pm

Wednesdays between 2 – 3pm

Fridays between 3:30 – 4:30pm

If you want an appointment during these times,

YOU MUST EMAIL HOLLIE BEFORE 12pm at hollie.palmisano@rutgers.edu

If these times do not work with your schedule,

Please call the Hurtado Health Center and inform the receptionist you are a MGSA dance student when making an appointment.

Hurtado Health Center Address:

11 Bishop Place

New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Contact Information:



Policy on Missed Medical Appointments

Students who miss appointments with Dr. Cohen and/or Hollie Palmisano are subject to being placed on artistic probation.

Policy of Injury Modifications in Studio Classes

  • In order to be listed for injury modifications in studio classes, students MUST be examined by Dr. Cohen at Rutgers Health Services–or submit relevant medical documentation to Dr. Cohen if they are seen by an outside physician.  After evaluating the student and/or reviewing their medical documentation, Dr. Cohen will specify necessary injury modifications for students’ studio classes.
  • Students on injury modification MUST respond promptly to requests from Dr. Cohen/Hollie Palmisano for follow-up appointments and/or updated medical documentation.  Failure to respond promptly to such requests will be taken as an indication that the student is fully recovered from their injury.  The student will then be removed from the injury modification list and expected to fully participate in studio classes.

Dance Department Policy for Artistic Probation for BFA Dance Majors

BFA Dance Majors will be placed on artistic probation for any combination of three or more of the following policy violations:

  • Missing rehearsals, warm-ups and/or performances for choreography by faculty, guest artists and/or students;
  • Missing crew calls or work in the theater;
  • Unprofessional behavior including, but not limited to, being unresponsive to communications from faculty and staff and/or causing disruption in classes or rehearsals;
  • Absence from departmentally sponsored events when attendance is required;
  • Missed appointments with Rutgers Health Services and SOMA center staff;
  • Failure to complete departmentally mandated trainings such as ConcussionWise and other trainings as assigned;
  • Absence from required Dance Assemblies without prior approval;
  • Not adhering to injury modification/observe-only restrictions in classes, rehearsals and performances

BFA Dance Majors may also be placed on artistic probation for receiving a grade of C or less in a Dance Department course required for completion of their degree.

Single, severe policy violations may also result in artistic probation.


Jessica Chen Project

From now until February 15, 2016 the J Chen Project is offering a “NEW YEARS SPECIAL – Early Bird Registration.”  Dancers will receive a 30% discount off tuition if they register and pay the deposit before the deadline.

For more information view the Summer 2016 J Chen Project Early Bird Discount Flyer and watch the video below:


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