Weekly Announcements – February 2 to February 8

EvelynSeanThis week: A message from Julia, Loree Concert, Guest Scholar in Residence, Production Study, Kudos, “The Futurist”, and Safety Reminders.



Exciting week!
Dr. Serhan Ada is a guest in Choreo 1 and 4 on Monday, February 3
and will host Dance Assembly on Wednesday, February 5






All choreographers participating in this spring’s Loree Concert – please check the callboard for the tentative tech schedule.  If you have any conflicts with the times you must tell Jacqueline by Tuesday February 4th.  There will be no changes after that point.



serhan ada 1-1

Dr. Serhan Ada

February 3-7, 2014

Dr. Serhan Ada is a faculty member of the Salzburg Global Forum for Young Cultural Leaders and is the head of the Cultural Management (B.A. and M.A.) Program of Istanbul Bilgi University and the founding director of santralistanbul, an international center for arts and culture. Among other positions, he is also vice chairman of Anadolu Kültür A.Ş. and interim president of the Turkish National Commission for UNESCO on Cultural Diversity. He earned a B.Sc from the International Relations Programme at Ankara University, and an M.A. and Ph.D. in political science from the Middle East Technical University.

February 3 – 12:35-3:35 (Choreo 4 and Choreo 1 classes)
Studio 110
Dr. Serhan Ada will present a workshop focusing on cultural entrepreneurship in collaboration with Alfred Blake Assistant Director of the Rutgers Center for Urban Entrepreneurship
February 5 – 12:35-1:55 (Dance Assembly​ – required for BFA dance majors, BA and EdM majors welcome to attend)
Studio 110
Dr. Serhan Ada will lecture to BFA, BA, EdM, dance minors and invited guests about the Salzburg Global Forum for Young Cultural Leaders and give insights into global perspectives on cultural entrepreneurship and development based on his work internationally.


Thursday, February 6, 8 pm

Pick up your tickets!!!

BFA majors – please be sure to organize your tickets, including picking up a ticket from Anne Marie’s office to see Shen Wei at The State Theater on Thursday, February 6th. This is a mandatory performance.
BA majors – we have secured $14 tickets for you for Shen Wei Dance Arts – please see Anne Marie in the main office.




Check out the PRODUCTION CALENDARS Page under “For Students” Tab or click this link



Do you need to register for and/or sign up for Production Study crew hours?

A reminder of Production Study graduation requirements:

BFA & BA: 2 credits = 80 hours of crew

Minor: 1 credit = 40 hours of crew

Please be reminded that signing up for a show crew is a serious and important commitment that you receive credit for.  The following rules will be in place from now on.

  • Sign-up sheets are posted on the board between studios 111 and 112.  Please look CAREFULLY at the dates and times listed.  If you cannot make a date or time, check in with Jacqueline Reid before signing up.  Some conflicts can be worked out, some cannot.  Check with Jacqueline first.
  • Once you’ve signed up for crew, do not cross off your name without checking with Jacqueline first.  Anyone crossing off their name on their own will be penalized the amount of hours they signed up for—for example, if you signed up for 20, you will be penalized 20 hours.
  • Cancelling your crew commitment without medical or other emergency reasons/documentation within a week of the commitment will also result in penalty.  Please note emergencies include car accidents and deaths in the family. Studying for an exam is not an emergency.

The performances of you and your peers are dependent on people committing
with focus to their crew hours.  Please respect the work of your peers and
the department by treating the commitment to crew as an important part of
your semester.

Email Jacqueline Reid (jacqreid@rci.rutgers.edu) if you have crew questions.



Faculty member Doug Elkins is featured in the New Hampshire Union Leader article Redfern Arts Center Welcomes Inventive Choreographer. Doug will be premiering “Hapless Bizarre,” a piece “informed by everything from martial artist and stunt movie star Jackie Chan to comedian Richard Pryor,” at the Redfern Arts Center at Keene State College onFebruary 4.



Choreography by Laura Peterson, Part-time Lecturer in Dance Department

February 5th and 6th at HERE Arts in New York City

Performed by Kate Martel, Michael Ingle, Jennifer Sydor, and Laura Peterson

Composer/Sound Designer: Joe Diebes

How far away is the future? What happens to your body when you think about the future? What will happen to us? The Futurist is an evening-length dance by Laura Peterson Choreography with sound installation by composer Joe Diebes where moving sound sources and speakers transform into costumes, furniture, or landscapes, and complex choreography physicalizes states of dread, hope, anticipation, and excitement of imagined possible futures. Drawn from interviews with diverse groups of participants, The Futurist explores the questions we ask about the future.

This dance addresses ideas about the uniquely human experience of contemplating the future. It reflects my interest in the Futurist period of early 20th century art and the accompanying writings regarding velocity and human energy, “rashness” and out of control hatred, as well as other questions I ask about how this idea permeates popular culture. What is Futuristic? What is the future of government, currency, technology and our bodies? Prosthetic and space travel.


  • Remain alert and aware of the people and circumstances around you at all times.
  • Do not let anyone into a secured building or room that you do not know.
  • Do not leave equipment, materials, or personal items unattended or unsecured at any time.
  • Do not prop open does.
  • Be aware of your surroundings even when inside.
  • Walk in groups at night or call Rutgers Police at 732-932-7211 and ask for a walking escort.
  • If working/studying in buildings during breaks, especially after normal business hours, make sure to coordinate with a friend/colleague to go together.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility…

if you see something say something!

Call Rutgers Police anytime at 732-932-7211

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