Toscana Dance Hub

SUMMER INTENSIVE:  Toscana Dance Hub.  Three week intensive dance training in Tuscany, Italy.  July 8 to 27, 2013. Ages 18-29.  Information


Toscana Dance Hub provides three weeks of intensive dance training with world renowned international dance artists, master teachers and choreographers in Florence and Palazzuolo sul Senio, Italy. Dancers train in yoga, pilates, ballet, modern, italian language during the week and participate in special weekend and/or evening workshops. Each week they learn a piece by a resident choreographer, and, if interested choreograph their own piece in collaboration with the music students. Dancers have the opportunity to perform at both the prestigious Florence Dance Festival as part of Florence Dance Book and in Palazzuolo sul Senio at the Mugello Dance Experience. The program, open to intermediate and advanced dancers age 18-29, is geared and designed to enhance each students technical ability and artistry.

Toscana Dance Hub is created and directed by Giada Ferrone in collaboration with Marga Nativo and Keith Ferrone. The goal behind the program is to reach beyond geographical and cultural borders and to offer a creative environment of growth, research and self-discovery. Each participant is personally mentored and guided through his/her specific needs and aspirations. The core teaching  philosophy shared by the entire faculty is to educate dancers to train and perform with intention, discipline and enthusiasm.

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